Shakespeare Street
Ordinary lives... Extraordinary tales...

The award-winning creators of Spilling the Beans and Delayed Reaction bring you a set of tales that take place in one fictional north London street, Shakespeare Street.

Peep behind the curtains and look into the lives of the residents. Discover their loves, secrets, hopes and fears as you meet each one and learn their stories, both past and present.
Meet the group of young men setting off to enlist in 1915, full of hope and patriotism.
Who is the housewife strenuously polishing her front door?
Over there, a Polish builder is taking a break from his work as he reads a message from home on his mobile phone: what does it say?
Hear the bombs fall in 1942.
Who is the young woman peeping out from behind her curtains?
How about that nervous woman, pacing outside the house with the For Sale sign: will she knock on the door?
Do you see the couple arguing as they turn the corner? Who is the suffragette going into that house across the road?

Shakespeare Street - different times, different lives, different stories - is the third book by the award-winning Amersham-based writing group Just Write. Their first book Spilling the Beans won Writing Magazine’s Writers’ Circle Anthology Award 2014 and their second, Delayed Reaction was a runner up in Writing Magazine’s Writers’ Circle Anthology Award 2015.

320 pages, A5 size, paperback £7.99, eBook £6.99

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